this little forgotten motorhome from the 90s!

this little forgotten motorhome from the 90s!

If you didn’t know, the first generation Renault Clio was transformed into a mini camper, with the Stimson Sportique kit!

In recent years, Renault has been riding the booming wave of campervans and vans, with the launch of “SpaceNomad” versions on the new Renault Trafic and Kangoo. But in the 1990s, the French brand was already interesting to fans recreational vehicles

Indeed, across the Channel, French creations were highly regarded at the time as the basis for conversion into mini-campers: thus appeared the transformed Citroën C15, Peugeot Partner and Renault Express. But the smallest Renault Clio of the first generation it was also right, with this Sports kit signed with Barry Stimsona designer specializing in this kind of eccentricity.

Renault Clio Sportique: an unusual home on wheels

Based on the very ordinary Renault Clio of the first generation, Stimson has grafted onto it a rather imposing motorhome unit: this one has a rather special, if not ugly, look that completely transforms the small French city car.

There we find a pop-up roof on cranes, in which bedding for two people is hidden, as well as a bench that can be converted into a double bed by folding the back seat of the car and adding pillows. During that time, modularity was already very clever, even if we can notice that the realization was much more basic than on the latest built-in vans of today.

Renault Clio Sportique: complete equipment

At the back there are also blackout curtains, a sunroof, a removable free-standing table for indoor dining, as well as a folding table and chairs for outdoor camping: enough for an adventurous weekend with your little family!

On the side, integrated blocks hide the storage space and carry a gas heater, as well as the sink. This one has a faucet that can be converted into a removable hand shower, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The bench it can be raised and allows you to hide the water tank.

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Renault Clio Sportique: ready for adventure

The large two glazed tailgates can be transformed into a tent, to increase the interior space at the stop and protect against bad weather. A refrigerator can also be fitted on board as an option.

Little known in our area, this Renault Clio equipped with this Sporting kit signed by Barry Stimson was mainly on the UK market 1990. There are still a few examples currently in circulation, not necessarily in good condition, as you can see from the pictures above!

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