“Thursday” at camp with IS of Fraiture

“Thursday” at camp with IS of Fraiture

To make the place cozy and warm, the team (Melina Renwart, Valérie Misson, Philippe Poumay, Pascal Lejeune and Geneviève Filee) had permission to decorate the room which has an open fire. “We installed several comfortable rugs, placed lounge chairs on pallets, pillows, lights, decorations so that we feel really good here, at home, with friends by the fire”, continues Genevieve.

Villagers are invited to share a friendly moment, with a few aperitif boards, music and a bar. “Everything is at a price, very democratic. And we set a precise schedule, from 6 to 10 p.m. The goal is not to make it a place of celebration, but a place of sharing.” And at 10 p.m. the bell rings, like in English pubs, to announce the end of the event. For the first two meetings, twenty Fraiturois were on the road. Not bad… “We went door to door in the village we put flyers in mailboxes and communicated on social networks.” Orally it should boost the sauce…

The next date is December 15 with a tartiflette meal and music show “La Balancelle” hosted by Angélique Demoitié, a native of France. “She will be present with Estelle Bourgeois to rediscover famous songs, explains Geneviève. He also translates texts with poetry and humor. You must book as there are only 40 places. The audience will reward the artists with a hat when it suits them.” On Thursday, January 5, it will be in “stories and legends” mode. The rest of the program will be detailed soon, and new flyers will be distributed. And next March, the team will “dismantle” everything in order to return the room to the campers. Until next season… “Yes, if it works, we envision it being a recurring concept.”

Every first and third Thursday from November 1 to March 30. From 18 to 22 hours. Reservations: 0494/07 95 63


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