tiaras on the head, roast deer on the menu and imperial silver on the table

tiaras on the head, roast deer on the menu and imperial silver on the table

After attending the Nobel Prize ceremony this Saturday, December 10, the royal family also wanted to mark the occasion by inviting the winners of the prestigious scientific awards to a banquet at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The queen and princesses wore their tiaras. King Carl XVI Gustaf made sure to bring out his precious silver to try this dish composed of duck, cod, lobster and venison.

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King Carl XVI Gustaf extends the Nobel Prize ceremony by inviting the winners to a royal banquet

On December 10, King Carl XVI Gustaf was in charge of handing out the Nobel Prizes for economics, medicine, chemistry, physics and literature on the stage of the House of Culture in Stockholm. The Nobel Peace Prize is always awarded at the same time, in Norway. After the ceremony, the laureates and the royal family were invited to a banquet hosted by the Nobel Foundation, organized at the Stockholm City Hall.

The royal couple greets the Nobel Prize winners before going to the banquet hall (Photo: Henrik Garlöv/Kungl. Hovstaterna)
The heir, the princely couple and Princess Christina accompany the royal couple at the banquet (Photo: Henrik Garlöv/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

The following day, Sunday 11 December, the royal couple, the heir apparent and the princely couple were delighted to meet the Nobel laureates, this time inviting them to a banquet at the Royal Palace. The Nobel Prize ceremony has not been held in the traditional way since 2019, due to the pandemic. Therefore, this year the winners of 2020 and 2021 are also invited to participate in all the festivities to which they did not have the right at the time.

Princess Victoria with Laurel Wreath Tiara and Prince Daniel of Sweden arrive at the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Nobel Banquets (Photo: Patrik C. Osterberg/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)

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Sweden’s queen and princesses show off their tiaras in honor of Nobel Prize winners

Queen Silvia wore a sparkling red dress and her impressive nine-pronged Queen Sofia tiara. Princess Victoria wore a green sequined Elie Saab dress and a laurel wreath tiara. Princess Sofia accompanied Prince Carl Philip in a very pretty orange dress by Lilli Jahilo, complete with her usual bridal tiara. Finally, Princess Christina wore a purple dress and a tiara with four rosebuds.

After handing out the 2022 Nobel Prizes in various scientific categories on Saturday, King Carl XVI Gustaf invited the laureates to a banquet at the Royal Palace. Queen Silvia wore Queen Sofia’s impressive nine-pronged tiara (Photo: Patrik C. Osterberg/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Members of the royal family first welcomed the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Nobel Prize winners in Queen Louise-Ulrique’s dining room. Then they joined the ballroom where the other guests were waiting for them. Among them were members of the government and parliament, the diplomatic corps, and heads of scientific academies and the Nobel Foundation.

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip arrive at the banquet organized by King Carl XVI Gustaf for the Nobel Prize winners. Princess Sofia is wearing an Elie Saab dress, a Bottega Veneta clutch and her wedding tiara. (Photo: Patrik C. Osterberg/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)

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A rich menu on a richly decorated table

At 8 p.m., King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia led all the guests to the Charles XI room where the banquet tables were set. The king sat at the table, surrounded on one side by Andrea Ghez, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, and on the other by Emmanuelle Charpentier, winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Princess Christina arrives at the banquet with her husband Tord Magnuson (Photo: Patrik C. Osterberg/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)

The tables were set with Hackman-Rörstrand Gustafsberg china, designed by Karin Björquist, which was presented to the king by the government and parliament on his 50th birthday in 1996.

The dishes were offered to the king for his 50th birthday and the glasses were offered to him for his wedding. The silverware is a legacy of the Brazilian empress Amélie (Photo: Henrik Garlöv/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

The glassware is Kosta and designed by Sigurd Persson. It was offered to the royal couple in 1976 by the authorities on the occasion of their wedding. As for the silverware, it is the service of the Imperial Family of Brazil.

The monogram of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia is engraved on these glasses, which were presented by the Government and Parliament on the occasion of the king’s wedding in 1976 (Photo: Henrik Garlöv/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

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Queen Silvia, who sits between 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine winner Svante Pääbo and 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics winner Giorgio Parisi, is particularly fond of this Brazilian silverware. Queen Silvia is German on her father’s side and Brazilian on her mother’s side. After the death of Empress Amélie of Brazil in 1873, her sister, Queen Josephine of Sweden, inherited the silverware.

On the menu, the royal family and the Nobel laureates could taste wild duck rillettes with marinated pumpkin, pistachios and endive with sherry vinaigrette. Roasted cod and pan-fried lobster followed this starter, served with lobster bisque flavored with cognac, roasted butter and tarragon. The main dish was roasted venison with roasted beets, celery root and truffle-flavored pine oil. Dessert was a variation of citrus and blueberry in the form of vanilla mousse, lemon sorbet, blood orange granita with fig oil.

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