Top 5 most beautiful Christmas 2022!

Top 5 most beautiful Christmas 2022!

Balvan is the star dessert of the meal Christmas. Every year, confectioners redouble their efforts to offer us combined Christmas cakes creativity and tempting flavors. These are as delicious as they are beautiful Works of art edible products sublimate the most anticipated meal of the year. Today we reveal ours top 5 most beautiful logs this christmas 2022

Top 5 most beautiful Christmas trees

  • Cheval Blanc Paris diary

This log that looks like rocking horsesigned by Maxime Frédéric, pays tribute hazelnut. This artwork consists of two parts. The base of the horse is made of a Tablet tastefully decorated with gianduja crispy. Christmas Eve, hidden in a gift, consists of dakis, creamy praline, crispy pastries, lights hazelnut accompanied by a caramel to the vanilla. On the side of details we find familiar ones medallions historical building Samaritan. Count 180 euros for six at eight parts. On reservation 48h in advance (01 40 28 00 00).

In the box inside solid nut directed by the duo sculptors on a tree Ben & Manucalled Benoît Vauthier and Manu Lerenda, we find a signed Christmas card Sebastien Monceaux and Clement Bargoin. Named ” Vertigo of the Senses“, the confectioners were inspired by snow-covered mountains. This exceptional dessert consists of a crispy biscuit with Hazelnutcream of Brown from Collobrieresfrom Bavarian to tahitian vanillacompote of blueberries from the Vosgesall decorated with shards chestnut and blueberries. This work of art Fauchon is in limited edition 50 copies. It counts in between six and eight parts at a price of 550 euros (with box). To book, it happens here.

Queen Almond » is signed by the confectioner Julian Alvarez for Duration. In trompe l’oeil, it pays homage to the famous macaroon at home. This signature yuletide is a clever mix of crunchyraw almondcompote of mango decorated a yuzu juicelight cream with almond milk and orgeat syrup and a thin shell of chocolate almonds. ” Queen Almond » is at a price 78 euros In approx six at eight parts. It will be available from December 14 in stores, and for pre-order on the website from November 30.

  • Mandarin Oriental logo

This is our favorite. To imagine this exquisite dessert, Adrian Bozzolopastry chef at Mandarin Oriental, has teamed up with Le Nez de la Maison Givaudon, Nisrine Bouazzaoui Grillie. Exquisite and original, this trompe l’oeil fan log is a clever mix of texture, taste and smell. It consists of a crunchy pralines that black sugar from Okinawa and macaw beetletopped with intense biscuit chocolatecream based on dark chocolate Loma Sotavento Dominican Republic of pure origin. At the heart of this work we discover iyokan tangerines and kogan ginger wrapped in light chocolate mousse breakage Sotavento. For six peopleit’s at a price 108 euros. Available in limited edition from 22 that 26 December by order 48 hours in advance at 01 70 98 74 00.

Named ” Baudelaire’s works“, this diary pays tribute Baudelaire and his manuscripts which were sold, after his death, at the Hotel Le Burgundy. It consists of a chocolate crispy, soft biscuit with Chestnut flour gluten free, crane cocoa, gianduja and pralines hazelnutwith confit of grapefruit-yuzu and creamy chocolate and cardamom black. This gourmet library he built Pierre-Jean Quionero is priced at 120 euros for eight at ten people.

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