Tourisme Mauricie is developing a culture of open innovation

Tourisme Mauricie is developing a culture of open innovation

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The Innovation Incubator MT Lab and Tourisme Mauricie partner to make the Region a hub for open innovation in tourism. This partnership is inscribed in Mauricie’s desire to be a field of experimentation and collaboration that will allow the region to accelerate its economic attractiveness and welcome future Quebec entrepreneurs in the idea phase.

“Tourisme Mauricie is developing in a territory, both urban and natural, that is very suitable for a variety of experiments in innovative solutions,” commented Martin Lessard, director general of MT Lab, in a press release. Avec le MT Lab, il porra accelerez Leur mailage avec les compagnies innovantes et développer les times qui rendront la Région attractive et compétitive. »

Tourisme Mauricie prendra is part of various activities of the incubator-accelerator. He will participate especially in the selection of young companies that are candidates for the MT Lab Incubation Program, in order to find innovation solutions in response to his challenges, or to implant them within his organization. He will also participate in the Deux Journées d’innovation annuelles DemoDay qui presente les tendances entrepreneuriales du moment, ainsi qu’aux Rencontres du Club d’innovation ouverte qui favorise les échanges D’expertises, le partage d’expériences, d’idées, et l ‘accès à un plus large réseau d’affaires.

“We share the common ambition to create a new terrain for experimentation and open innovation in Mauritius that will be as beneficial to the region itself as it is to all of Quebec,” explains Valérie Bourgeois, vice-president of the laboratory of the MT administrative board, dans un communique. L’esprit de cooperation qui nous lie présage des projets porteurs pour le tourisme québécois. »

MT Lab already has an anchor in the territory thanks to its partnership with TRès Trois-Rivières – image de marque de Trois-Rivières, launched in 2009 on the occasion of the city’s 375th anniversary celebrations. Ainsi, l’incubateur en innovation souhaite reinforcer sa presence dehors de Montréal et benefiteur d’une meilleure connaissance des enjeux rencontres par les entreprises en démarrage sur l’ensemble du territoire.


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