Tried in recording mode

Tried in recording mode

The leisure vehicle maker posted a record net profit of 278.5 million euros for the financial year 2022. Its turnover reached 3.2 billion euros and the outlook for the future is good, especially with the development of vans.

Trigano believes the leisure vehicle market still has good prospects, especially for vans.

Difficult to produce but sold at a higher price, leisure vehicles enabled French manufacturer Trigano to post a “record” net profit of €278.5m (+24.9%) for the 2022 financial year.

The leisure vehicle market has seen a big boost with the pandemic, but the sector has been ricocheted by the automotive industry’s logistical difficulties and is not producing as much as it would like.

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In “a particularly disturbed environment“, Trigano indicates that the company has achieved “to maintain a good level of profitability thanks to, on the one hand, efficient management of its production assets in the face of a decline in deliveries of motorhome rolling bases“, the LCV that the manufacturer transforms.

He on the other hand mentions,fine management of price changes of its products according to changes in its purchase prices“.

Revenue for the year was almost 3.2 billion euros, with sales of camper vans falling.”partially offset by gradual price increases, well received by customers, as well as good growth in other activities“, the group stated in the press release.

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Supply problems and interruptions in the transport of chassis are still current“, explains Trigano.”The improvement in the delivery of roller bases will enable an increase in production in the Trigano factories, which will gradually be felt at the very end of the 2022 calendar year, and during 2023.“.

For the coming years,”demand is still growing structurally, and development prospects are still well oriented“, states Trigano. Thanks to the rejuvenation of the clientele and the development of vans, “leisure vehicles should continue to attract more and more Europeans“, assures the manufacturer. (with AFP)

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