Trigano: Even with rising prices, Trigano motorhomes are selling like hotcakes

Trigano: Even with rising prices, Trigano motorhomes are selling like hotcakes

(BFM Stock Exchange) – Despite supply problems, leisure vehicle specialist posts record annual profit… Enthusiasm for Trigano motorhomes is undeniable, even when they sell at a higher price.

During the past financial year, Trigano had great difficulties in the production of its motorhomes. Despite a strong order book reflecting customer interest in its products, supply tensions have once again hampered the group’s activities. It is the lack of chassis that serve as a rolling base for his campers.

In this “particularly disturbed environment”, Trigan’s accounts show unmistakable resistance. The motorhome specialist reports that it has maintained “a good level of profitability thanks on the one hand to efficient management of its production assets in the face of a decline in deliveries of motorhome rolling bases”.

As announced in September, Trigano saw turnover grow by 8.3% to €3.2bn at the end of its disrupted 2021-2022 financial year. which was completed at the end of August.

Price increases “well accepted”

On the other hand, it indicates that he continued with “fine piloting the evolution of the prices of his products according to the evolution of his purchase prices”. At the end of September 2022, consolidated current operating profit was €352.1 million and represented 11.1% of revenue, compared to €357.9 million in 2020/2021. The surprise of today’s publication focuses on the net profit, which in one year increased by 24.9% to a “record” level of 278.5 million euros.

The group explains that it has activated all available levers to serve its customers, while managing to “overcome chassis supply difficulties as best as possible”. The company also indicates that it has limited the effects of raw material and component inflation by implementing progressive price increases that are “well received by customers.”

Even sold at a higher price, the French manufacturer’s campers still arouse “strong” interest. The attendance levels of the first autumn shows observed by Trigano have strengthened the appeal of European consumers for leisure vehicles and especially for motorhomes. With the pandemic, the leisure vehicle market experienced a new momentum, travelers then considered the motorhome a “health bubble” as soon as it came out of its first confinement. “Demand is still growing structurally, and the prospects for development are still well oriented,” notes Trigano.

The best in chassis delivery

For several quarters now, Europe’s leading manufacturer of motorhomes has therefore been caught between almost unprecedented consumer demand for this type of vehicle and, on the other hand, supply tensions. Trigano wants to warn that these “supply problems and chassis transport disruptions are still relevant” even if the situation improves.

On the occasion of the annual activity update at the end of September, Trigano assured the market of the development of these shortages. The group then indicated that it foresees a significant improvement in the delivery of valid bases from the end of 2022. “Improving the delivery of roller bases will enable an increase in production at the Trigano factories, which will be felt gradually at the very end of the 2022 calendar year, and during 2023,” specified Trigano in its announcement published on Tuesday evening.

As for returns to shareholders, management is opting for caution. He will propose to the assembly from January 7, 2022 a gross dividend of EUR 3.20 per ordinary share for the last financial year, which implies that there will be no balance paid in relation to the interim payment of this amount paid at the end of the year. September 2021

On the stock market, today’s publication was well received by the market. The Trigano stock rose 2.9% to 115 euros around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, taking its monthly gain to 11%.

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