Uber and Uber Eats launch 4 new features for a simplified Christmas 2022

Uber and Uber Eats launch 4 new features for a simplified Christmas 2022

Author: Celine Pastezeur

– Published on November 29, 2022. at 10:12

To celebrate the end of the year, Uber and Uber Eats are pulling out all the stops to invite themselves under the French tree! Christmas shop, gift card, delivery of surprises to relatives, the famous VTC does everything to simplify the race for gifts for the French.

A few weeks ago, Uber Eats got noticed by embedding itself in other people’s pubs. Today, home delivery service, as well as VTC Uber, are highlighted in another context: the end of the year celebrations. Now that Black Friday has passed, which the younger generations have been waiting for a long time, all eyes are now on Christmas. And precisely, on the occasion of the celebration of the end of the year, Uber and Uber Eats are launching four new features to make traveling and shopping even easier. Customers can shop wherever they are, whenever they want and with just a few clicks, without having to face the rush of stores during this period. This is the right plan, especially for last-minute shopping experts. This is how Uber initially launched its “Christmas store”, until “Find all the gifts from the biggest brands in France, but also from local companies (such as By Charlot, Le drugstore parisien or Monceau Fleurs) and deliver them directly to your doorstep… or to your Christmas tree. No more rush to the shops a few hours before the New Year ». In short, you no longer have to go to the store, the store comes to you!

In addition to this, Uber and Uber Eats are also present “Offer with Uber Eats” feature.which gives the possibility to please at a distance by offering to deliver a gift directly to a loved one or a friend in France or around the world. “This new option is available at restaurants and merchants in the Uber Eats app in more than 10,000 cities worldwide. So you can gift any Uber Eats order and we’ll send a personalized message and tracking information right to the recipient’s phone.”. Also, this year it is possible to offer Uber Gift Card and Uber Eats. “This new pre-planable feature makes it possible to offer an Uber gift card to one or more people so they can choose the gift of their choice, whether it’s a meal to share with friends, scented candles, a new variety of Japanese tea or an Uber ride . An ideal choice, always useful, to satisfy friends, family or colleagues ». Finally, to put everyone at ease as the Christmas holidays approach, Uber presents Uber Travela new tool that allows you to link your email account to import travel and hotel details. “You will automatically generate a complete itinerary that brings together all the information related to your trip in one view. Plus, with Uber Reserve, you can pre-book rides to and from the airport, hotel, or anywhere else you’re traveling. Your trip is thus planned and organized from start to finish ». So, ready for Christmas?

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