Usbek and Rica – In the face of global warming, the homeless are on the front line

Usbek and Rica - In the face of global warming, the homeless are on the front line

Fragile health, weather resistant

Whether it’s a heat wave, floods or storms, these extreme climate events have a disproportionate impact on the homeless population, researchers Brodie Ramin and Tomislav Svoboda explain in their study, Homeless Health and Climate Change. Published in 2009, it is one of the few that makes the connection between global warming and the health of people on the street. According to the report, chronic diseases, smoking, respiratory infections and mental illnesses affect the homeless high rates these are all factors that make them vulnerable to climate change. They also increase the risk of morbidity and mortality caused by exposure to heat or cold “, say the researchers.

Suffering from Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammation that affects the lining of the digestive tract, Hayat, a 60-year-old homeless woman, had to be extra vigilant this summer to protect herself from the heat. Especially prone to fainting and dizziness during heat waves, she remained locked in the hotel room where she was placed at the end of July. ” It is dark in the room. It is necessary to put a veil and curtains so that the sun does not pass throughshe describes in a soft and calm voice. And when I go out, I prepare the route in advance so that I pass only through shady places “.

Associations: customization step by step

Adaptation is also the slogan of the association, which every year doubles its efforts to help the homeless in the winter and summer periods, which are especially deadly. Indeed, of the 5,747 homeless deaths recorded in France between 2011 and 2021, 36.5% occurred during winter (between December and March) and 30.9% in summer (between June and September). ), the fact-checking service reports. of Let go. Although these deaths cannot always be attributed to extreme temperatures, they do contribute to the weakening of the homeless population. That’s why the volunteers of the association La Cloche, which fights against the exclusion of the homeless, diversified their donations this year. ” We are trying to put up collections of caps and sun creams, in addition to the usual water bottles. “says Rachel, an employee of the association since 2019. The Red Cross has a heat wave plan specifically aimed at ensuring water distribution, caps and maps indicating water flow in several departments; and a very cool plan that allows increasing the duration and frequency of robbery, creating additional accommodation capacities or even opening your own rooms at night.

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