Valenciennes. Two EHPAD residents get married after keeping their love secret for a long time

Valenciennes.  Two EHPAD residents get married after keeping their love secret for a long time

This Tuesday, November 15, Liliane and Andree, two residents of the EHPAD du Val d’Escaut got married in Valenciennes town hall. The wedding was celebrated by the mayor Laurent Degallaix, with the presence of some tenants and all the teams of the facility where they have been living for five years.

In March 2021, two 80-year-olds who lived in the EHPAD located in Yvelin got married. But in all likelihood, Liliana and Andrea’s marriage would be the first union celebrated between two women living in a retirement home. So it could be a first in France…

Andrée and Liliane have known each other since they were 11 years old. They never left each other.

Liliane and Andree are both 72 years old. Placed very early in their childhood in the home of Notre-Dame d’Aubry-du-Hainaut, they met at the age of 11. Since then, they have never left each other. ” They have no family we are told.

Their complicity, Liliane and Andrée lived a very long time” hidden “. as ” secret » it should not be revealed. Simply because the time was not yet ready to accept it. ” They say they have been in love since they were 25 years old. When they came to us in 2017, they asked to be in the same room, but we didn’t know they were in love. We learned that on a trip to the beach “Explains Camille Hetroit, manager of the Val de l’Escaut EHPAD. ” During this day, during the meal, we talked about gay marriage. And Liliane and Andree came to ask us if it is possible to do this in real life. They thought same-sex marriage was only possible on TV adds Alexandra Simon, their reference nurse. ” We told them it was possible. And a few minutes later, Andrée proposed to Andrée in front of us. “.

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During the ceremony at the Hôtel de Ville, with the mayor of Valenciennes, Laurent Degallaix.

Very quickly, the entire Val de l’Escaut EHPAD bent over backwards to ensure the wedding could take place. and ” a dream by Andrée and Liliana could be realized this Tuesday, November 15. “ We all prepared for this wedding as if it were the wedding of one of our loved ones says Camille Hétroit. Moreover, this Tuesday afternoon there was a party at the EHPAD du Val de l’Escaut. The main room has been converted into a reception hall. With at the center of everything – and surrounded by all their guests (residents, carers and staff of Val de l’Escaut and the Aubry home) – Andrea and Liliane, the two queens of the day…

More details in our edition from Friday, November 18.

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