van of 140 hp on a Peugeot Boxer with its own bathroom

van of 140 hp on a Peugeot Boxer with its own bathroom

At Campérêve, the Magellan 643 Limited is loaded with equipment. A compact van, now based on the Peugeot Boxer.

At Peugeot Utilitarianres, if we don’t shout it from the rooftops, there is no doubt that the delays in delivery that Fiat is experiencing with its Ducato model are fixing the affairs of Leo. in that way, has the Peugeot Boxer meanwhile and to some extent become the new darling of the leisure vehicle manufacturer.

Full of gear

This is for example the case of the Magellan 643 Limited, previously on the Fiat Ducato (see the video below) 5.99m long converted van which is therefore now based on the 140hp Peugeot Boxer 2.2 BlueHDi. The van is available in Limited trim, which adds a few welcome perks to the model. Before looking at this list, remember that the 643 already comes standard with a layout that makes this recreational vehicle a particularly popular model within the French manufacturer’s Magellan range.

Magellan 643 Limited from Campérêve
Magellan 643 Limited from Campérêve© Campereve

First bed in the living room

In the lounge, the van’s configuration is meant to be classic, with a forward-facing bench seat for two adults with depth-adjustable seats. Total space for four, divided by a swivel extension table, if swivel cab seats for driver and passenger are added. Write it downthe first additional single dinette bed (185 x 97/63.5 cm) also includes this van front.

Light alloy and skylights

The Magellan kitchen unit is equipped with a screen-printed tempered glass oven with 2 burners and a double-function flap: firewall and desktop extension. A section that also includes various storage spaces including drawers/pots and an absorption refrigerator, with an interesting volume for the category of 128 liters. Camped, with the choice of Limited trim, on 16-inch alloy wheels, the 643 then adds a panoramic Skyview roof, giving the van plenty of natural light for all occupants.

Patented revolving cabinet

The bathroom is private with its own separate shower cubicle, while the toilet is located in the shower cubicle on the other side of the van. Download from him the smart patented Modul’Space system from the Rapido group (Campérêve is owned by Rapido) revealing a revolving wardrobe, the Magellan 643 Limited reveals a rear bedroom, with a storage cupboard, in which above all there is a bed for two large people measuring 195 cm x 132 cm. It is sold with several skylights and a MODULAR compartment for storing long objects, The Magellan 643 Limited sells from €65,400.

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