wanted for several months, the fugitive on the run settled in the camp

wanted for several months, the fugitive on the run settled in the camp

Seven months after he “forgot” to return to prison after being away, the 30-year-old was finally found by police.

Away from his cell, he found a little corner of paradise. A few days ago, the correctional court in Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain) ruled on the case of a man who escaped from prison for almost seven months, after “forgetting” to return to custody when his license expired.

As Le Progrès reports, the 33-year-old found a hiding place that was unusual to say the least, since he settled in a camp in Nord-Isère, a few tens of kilometers from the prison center of Bourg-en-Bresse. , where he was supposed to serve his sentence until June 2024 for drug trafficking.

He rebelled against the police who came to arrest him.

However, the thirty-year-old’s discreet escape ended last May, when the police finally found him. Surrounded, the fugitive nevertheless did everything in his power to escape the agents who came to arrest him. According to the regional daily, he specifically “forced a passage by punching one of the policemen, grabbing the weapon in a second” and then fleeing on foot, before “falling on the camp’s barrier post”.

Found guilty of escape, rebellion, and concealment of a stolen car, the person should not be returning to the camp anytime soon, as he was finally sentenced to twenty-four months in prison, which naturally added to the sentence he did not already have. finished serving.

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