Why do single people get into a relationship as soon as the thermometer shows less than 15°C?

Why do single people get into a relationship as soon as the thermometer shows less than 15°C?

Between September 21 and 23, 2022, Hotels.com conducted a survey of 2,000 singles. This refers to the “fox season”. But what exactly is that? Focus on extremely surprising results.

The phenomenon “cuffing season it comes directly from the United States and is growing in France. This type of relationship is very simply defined. As soon as the temperatures drop in October, until Valentine’s Day, The French would be possessed by a mad desire to find a partner to spend the long winter evenings with two to warm up. The phrase “season of plaid love” or “season of cufflinks” in English thus takes on its full meaning.

This practice does not seem new, as it is very democratized, according to a survey conducted by One Poll on behalf of Hotels.com among 2,000 French singles.

What is he pushing? singles at Do you want to find a partner as soon as the thermometer shows below 15°C? Answers are final and the cold sets off an incredible chain reaction, by demotivating the French to go out: 32% of respondents do not want to be alone at home when they are not going out and would like to have company, and 31% go so far as to admit that they would like a partner to keep them hot during that time. 27% would like to relax in good company in front of Netflix.

Fall and winter are ideal seasons to have someone to share your daily life with

In addition to the temperatures, the coldest seasons are also the time of year-end celebrations and 26% of singles surveyed say they don’t like being without their “plus one” during Christmas. Moreover, they are not very attentive to their partner, because for 34% of the panel, there is enough food delivered to the house and a movie to make the evening enjoyable for two, and 27% even state that a human thermos is an important element.

But where did this sudden appetite for living together for five months come from? The answer lies on the side of pop culture : more than one in five French people would consider the All Saints, Christmas and February holidays more romantic than the summer holidays because of (or thanks to) the Christmas films broadcast on television and on streaming platforms.

For 40% of respondents, vacation is ideal for finding a partner

There is no better test to reveal an individual’s true personality than to take them out of their comfort zone. More precisely, 7 out of 10 French people agree with this statement. 20% of the panel thinks that school holidays are still a better exercise, especially if children are present, because to be able to observe their reaction to the youngest.

Besides, the list of redhibitory criteria at the beginning of the relationship is very long for people looking for a human hot water bottle. For 53% of singles, not washing or showering in the morning is a mistake to seduce them.

Surprisingly, laziness kills love for 43% of them, and it comes even before greed, which is still an important element. In other words, if you don’t like paying the bill at the end of the meal, you won’t make friends.

Competition: win a vacation with your new sweetheart!

The goal of this study was not in vain. This allowed Hotels.com to imagine a tailor-made competition in collaboration with clinical psychologist Estelle Dossin for test the viability of your pair during the night in a magical place.

The concept is simple: according to your preferences, you can choose between five exceptional hotels that give you the opportunity to try outdoor activities, go to the beach, taste special dishes or relax in the spa. In short, the perfect place for you!

If you are selected, all you have to do is enjoy your stay in the company of your human hot water bottle and hope that everything goes well.

Enter the contest to test your plaid love

Mass has been set! If you are looking for a lost soul, someone to spend the winter with, since you are probably not alone in this case, you will surely find… However, you may struggle to build a lasting relationship once the good weather returns. Everyone sees noon on their doorstep, and spending the summer single can be very exciting, because it is important to know how to spend time alone and remain the best partner.

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