Will the motorhome area of ​​the future appeal to users? Interview for AireServices

L'avenir des aires de camping-car : interview avec AireServices

AireServices is the benchmark in reception design, installation and management. Intermediary between owners of camping houses and municipalities (or camps and other private operators). We take advantage of a meeting with the company’s communication managers to ask them if the area increase really meets the needs of the users.

During the Ffaccc Travel Forum we met the AireServices team. Vanessa Rees, Communications Manager (and daughter of the founder) and Sophie Cloirec, Communications Manager, answer our questions about current trends in the development of the motorhome area. By examining them, we have an idea in mind. A topic we know fascinates camper owners: does the new camper equipment really meet the needs of the user? Or are they just aiming to transform the areas into small camps… just to make us pay more?

Installer, manager and home network

Vanessa Rees, AireServices Communications Manager

The AireServices team is particularly well placed to answer our questions. First, this company is a major player in setting up rest areas. AireServices designs parking and service areas, installs terminals and vending machines, manages a certain number of stages on behalf of municipalities or private operators. Sites that even form the leading reception network: 1500 stages are presented on the website www.aireparkreservation.com, some can be reserved online. One of the peculiarities of AireServices is that its fields are not standardized. Some are free, others are chargeable, with or without a barrier, with on-site services or separate services.

More and more equipped spaces

Montbéliard camping area
Campsite Montbéliard.

Le Monde du Camping-Car: What trends do you notice in the creation of rest areas?

Valerie Rees: one of the current innovations is the establishment of multimodal reception areas, adapted to different types of homeless people. Motorhomes, of course, but also vanlifers (who do not have a shower on board), and even cyclists. This implies the installation of appropriate services: shower, laundry, barbecue, pump and bicycle charging station. And maybe even bungalows for hikers and bikers. But this is only one trend among others, each municipality (or camp) has different needs. That’s why we always do custom work.

Sophie Cloirec: We also notice that the areas are getting better. Municipalities make efforts for motor home owners. They choose pleasant locations, near recreation centers or green paths. In Gisors, they even created a participatory vegetable garden.

We pay for what we consume

Campsite area in Piriac-sur-Mer
Campsite area in Piriac-sur-Mer

Le Monde du Camping-Car: But do these additional services meet the needs of motorhome owners?

Valerie Rees: There are all profiles among the owners of caravans. Some want simple things, others more services, more nature, a more central location or more security…

Sophie Cloirec: A request that often appears in the mouths of motorhome owners is the separation of services and parking. Especially for payment: they don’t want to pay for what they don’t consume. Some people just need a lot of water, but they won’t sleep there, and for others it’s the other way around.

Spaces made to measure, in accordance with the mosaic of the owners of the caravans

Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue camping area
Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue camping area

Valerie Rees: Our way of meeting these different needs is to adapt to all requirements. For us, every trip is tailor-made. Moreover, apart from a few special cases in very touristic areas, I don’t believe that municipalities have the will to make money with their RV space. Reception of campers is a public service.

Sophie Cloirec: Municipalities have realized that campsites are visitors like everyone else, and that welcoming motorhomes is a rewarding vector for tourism.

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