WSBK Superbike Interview Manuel Puccetti: “Costs are skyrocketing. Only with Sykes and Öncü in 2023.

WSBK Superbike Interview Manuel Puccetti: “Costs are skyrocketing.  Only with Sykes and Öncü in 2023.

Manuel Puccetti reduces the number of his motorcycles and explains the reasons for his choice. The team will bet everything on Tom Sykes in Superbike and Can Öncü in Supersport.

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A little but good. The economic crisis is felt and Manuel Puccetti therefore reduces the number of his drivers, but not the competitiveness of his team. In 2023, they will have two big names: Tom Sykes in Superbike and Can Öncü in Supersport.

In 2023 we will only have one bike in Superbike and one in Supersport, but at the top,” Explain Manuel Puccetti Corsedimoto. ” We will try to regularly be among the top three in the world championship with Öncü and to be protagonists with Tom Sykes. »

Why this choice?
We decided to only have one bike in Supersport as our ethics dictate that we always have two competitive riders and this would not be possible due to cost issues which have increased significantly. Each of us realizes that it increases when we go to the supermarket. Imagine you are leading a team. The prices of materials for motorcycles have increased, but so have the prices of practical things. I give the example of a trip to Argentina. We spent 2400 euros each on the plane, we traveled in economy class. There were 20 of us, so 48,000 euros just for plane tickets for one race. It used to cost less for transportation, food, hotel, materials… Costs have increased, but not sponsors, so it is understandable that we reduce the number of motorcycles or ask for financial assistance from pilots. Unfortunately, this is inevitable. ”

In Superbike you will have Tom Sykes. What is your goal with him?
Tom is a former world champion and a very strong driver, but we have to be realistic: we can’t imagine aiming for the world title. Our goal is to try to stay in the top 5 and get on the podium a few times. Remember that there are a lot of factory bikes and the championship will be at a very high level. »

Are you targeting independents to win?
I don’t care about the independent title, or the best Kawasaki, or the first of the Italian teams… I don’t care about those things, for me they are wooden medals. I am thinking about general placement and would like to try to be as high as possible in the classification. Tom is a strong driver, he is followed by the media, he is very motivated, he still has great ambitions and I am very happy that I managed to have him for 2023. On a technical level, we have reconnected with Pietro Caprara, who has been in charge for twenty-five years technician in MotoGP. He will take care of everything and we will be able to get out of it very well. We will have a very good structure. »

What do you think about the arrival of Petrucci?
I’m happy. Petrucci is a good name, with a good following, and he can add even more value to the championship. »

In Supersport, you ended 2022 with an upward trend. Is this a new starting point?
In Supersport, we are coming off a positive season, with nine podiums. We were the only ones to have both drivers on the podium. Öncü finished the world championship in third place with eight podiums and had an excellent season. We really did wonders with such an old fashioned motorcycle. We need a new one, but we won’t have it in 2023. We will do what we can with what we have by doing a lot of updates, development work over the winter. The NGs certainly have a lot more headroom than us, who use a retired bike that is always very difficult to compete with. »

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