Yescapa approaches camper distributors – Our news

Yescapa approaches camper distributors - Our news

Yescapa Partners aims to develop a network of partners and thereby improve the maintenance of campers, vans and equipped vans available on the platform.

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Launched only 10 years ago, the Yescapa platform, known for numerous motorhome rentals between individuals, has decided to expand its offer and, above all, move towards greater service. The Bordeaux company announces the launch Yescapa Partners and is making a certain shift by turning more to professionals in the sector. Yescapa has already taken the first step towards distributors with the launch of Yescapa Occasions. With Yescapa Partnersthe platform intends to rely on verified dealers, to whom 6,000 the owners French from the Yescap platform. This way they can access the most suitable dealers near their homes. A way to move from a digital and therefore virtual platform to a physical person. The partners of the Yescapa Partners service are obliged to ensure the maintenance of the vehicle, its repair or the renewal of the equipment. In turn, Yescapa invites them to promote themselves to future buyers or renewals, unaware or uninformed about the possibility of renting their vehicle. According to Yescap managers, 45% of owners were able to (re)purchase a motorhome thanks to the additional income from renting their vehicle.

Although 50 certified dealers are already part of the network, Yescapa aims to double this number in the coming months to quickly reach at least one representative per department.

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